Review: Spada ST1 WP Waterproof Boots

Product: Spade ST1 WP Waterproof Motorcycle Boots Mileage: 9000 miles Time Used: 9 months Usage: Heavy Cost New: £74.95 (offer price – £99.95 RRP from Additional Costs: nil Used for everyday riding through all weathers, with a 100 mile motorway commute twice a week and 12 mile town/country commutes three times a week plus the occasional ride out these boots get their fair share … Continue reading Review: Spada ST1 WP Waterproof Boots

Adventure Bikes

2012 Motorcycle Desires – Adventure Bikes

Adventure bikes or ‘tall tourers’ were a strange category that were almost ignored by the majority of the motorcycle community a little more than a decade ago. Now they seem to be everywhere, no small thanks to Charlie Boorman & Ewan McGregor and the BMW R1200GS. The idea you can ride a quasi-off-road motorcycle around the world appealed to many bikers getting tired of super sports and race reps, as the image of two bikers crossing a desert appealed to the adventurer in all of us. Continue reading “2012 Motorcycle Desires – Adventure Bikes”

2012 Motorcycle Desires Touring Motorcycles

Full on tourers need to be able to take you, your significant other and everything but the kitchen sink around the highways of Europe, Asia, America or wherever in comfort, style and absolute ease. Okay, they will be big and bulky and you’ll need a small taskforce to help you up should you drop them but they should also be able to handle well enough to enjoy the twists and turns – I mean come on, that’s half the reason we love our motorcycles! Continue reading “2012 Motorcycle Desires Touring Motorcycles”

Kawasaki ZZR1400

2012 Motorcycle Desires – Sports Tourer

Want a long distance mile muncher that will take you and your luggage in comfort but still be able to peg it around tight turns and cruise happily along the autobahn at 100mph? You want a sports tourer.

The European definition of a sports tourer is a little different to over in the States. Across the pond a ‘Sports Tourer’ is any touring machine that’s not a V-twin Harley here in Europe a proper sports tourer needs to be, well, sporty! So here’s my list of the most desirable sports tourers from 2012: Continue reading “2012 Motorcycle Desires – Sports Tourer”

Harley Davidson Fat Bob

2012 Motorcycle Desires – Unlimited Cruisers

Big cruisers are often overlooked by sports bikers as being the preserve of 1%er motorcycle clubs, expensive Sunday riding specials for retired company directors or those big shiny things they ride along long straight roads across the pond (if you’re reading that in the US of A that’s you by the way). Continue reading “2012 Motorcycle Desires – Unlimited Cruisers”

Harley Davidson Sportster 883 Iron

2012 Motorcycle Desires – Middleweight Cruisers

Cruisers are my first motorcycling love. The whole easy going, long-distance ethos that surrounds them has always been appealing to me. No wonder my first two bikes were middleweight cruisers then; a Honda Shadow VT500 (US Import) and a Yamaha Virago XV 535 (which I still have but is currently a sick puppy in need of some TLC). Continue reading “2012 Motorcycle Desires – Middleweight Cruisers”

Kawasaki W800 Retro

2012 Motorcycle Desires – Retro & Classic

There’s a certain charm about retro and classic motorcycles but how many of us could really be bothered to live with them outside of the classic bike club? That’s where the modern version comes into play, staying daringly close to classic design but with modern sensibilities such as electric start and fuel injection, retro/classics are more popular than ever. Continue reading “2012 Motorcycle Desires – Retro & Classic”

Kawasaki Z750R

2012 Motorcycle Desires – Middleweight Naked Bikes

When it comes to motorcycles, naked is how I roll. I love the pure riding experience of feeling the wind pushing against my chest as I glide around country roads. With naked bikes you feel more open to the world around you and much more open to the elements. To me naked bikes offer an adventure every time you go for a ride. Continue reading “2012 Motorcycle Desires – Middleweight Naked Bikes”

Yamaha YZF-R1

2012 Motorcycle Desires – Litre-plus Sports Bikes

Where do you go after you’ve played around with middleweight sports bikes for a while? Well if you’ve not satisfied your sports bikes kicks yet then the only way up is to go bigger! Big sports bikes of 1000cc and over offer what some regard as the ultimate sports biking experience. Continue reading “2012 Motorcycle Desires – Litre-plus Sports Bikes”

Ducati 749

2012 Motorcycle Desires – Middleweight Sports Bikes

Middleweight sports bikes offer a natural step up from a novice machine to someone looking to get into sports bikes riding. While modern middleweights are insane machines their light weight means they are also somewhat forgiving of rookie errors, providing the error isn’t too big! Continue reading “2012 Motorcycle Desires – Middleweight Sports Bikes”

AJS Regal Raptor 50

2012 Motorcycle Desires – Legal at Sweet Sixteen 50cc hairdryers

Continuing the 2012 Motorcycle Desires series I decided to start where many will get their first taste of powered two wheels; 50cc bikes.  I missed out on the opportunity to terrorise the neighbourhood with a motorcycle that sounded like a buzz saw (I actually have a buzz saw with a bigger engine than 50cc!) as I was saving up for a set of four wheels … Continue reading 2012 Motorcycle Desires – Legal at Sweet Sixteen 50cc hairdryers

Honda NC700X

2012 Motorcycle Desires – Budget Bikes £6,000 and under

When it comes to motorcycles I’m not someone to necessarily go down the tried and tested path.  I like bikes with character and panache.  They can range from the beautifully sculptured works of art to odd-ball freaks living in a quirky realm all of their own.  This is the first in a series of posts listing my top three bikes in various categories of 2012 model machines available in the UK.  In this post I’ll be looking at budget bikes. Continue reading “2012 Motorcycle Desires – Budget Bikes £6,000 and under”

Motorway Misery

Setting off for my 100 mile commute to work this morning was a step into the unknown. The dark grey skies were ensuring everywhere was being soaked by what the water companies will tell us is much-needed rain. I’d recently fitted a screen and hand-guards to my Kawasaki ER6n for better motorway weather protection (see Kawasaki ER6 Blog) and this would be the first time the new additions had been properly tested. Continue reading “Motorway Misery”